SERDIRICON: Fire Legends of the Ancient City.

-33 artists (actors, directors, designers, musicians) from ten different countries (Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Palestine, Bulgaria). The oldest participant in it (Jan Iliev) was 51 years old, and the youngest (David Kolev) was only 3.

-Premiere: September 26, 2013


For the realization of this show we have chosen a new inspiring location – the ruins of Roman Serdica, exhibited in the courtyard of the presidency at the rotunda “St. George”. Until that moment, this archeological complex had not been used as a stage and seemed to had been forgotten by the Sofia’s citizens, so our desire was to draw attention to it and turn it into a new cultural space of the city. For this reason, we decided to make the show site-specific (meaning to be in direct connection with this place). And in order to maximize the dialogue between the spectators, the fire stories we presented (based on myths and legends related to deities worshiped by the ancient Serdics, but interpreted in a modern way) and the space in which they tоок place, were in the form of spectacle in motion, during which the audience moved from one stage to another – led by the musicians from “Art Libitum” and the two leading characters, performed by the mime actors Jan Iliev and Plamen Radev.