The Memory of fire

The plot of this spectacle, as well as the previous two, was inspired by and related to the ancient history of Sofia. Our story was metaphorical, multi-layered and full of interesting images and characters. After the usual introductory creative camp, intensive rehearsals and workshops related to this show started in mid-June. It was done in groups, on a laboratory basis. Our goal in this production was to try to summarize and use as effectively as possible everything learned so far about the fire drama. To create the music we invited the two composers who worked on the music of the first two parts of the trilogy – Sildar Borisov (Dari) and Yordan Vladev. Working in tandem for them and for us was one of our experiments. The others were related to the creation of spectacular fire costumes and large-scale fire decoration. Our international creative team included 16 actors, fire performers, musicians and designers from 5 different countries (France, Ukraine, Latvia, Jordan, Bulgaria). In this spectacle, as in the following ones, there were no “central” – leading – characters. The dramaturgy was such that it gave each of the participants the opportunity to express their abilities and create bright and memorable characters in the minds of the audience. Each of the actors, even the young David Kolev (who was near four years old at that time) played several different roles.

The premiere of THE MEMORY OF FIRE took place on September 12, 2014. The interest was very high, about 500 people had gathered at the ruins to applaud the show.