Sophia Luminosa

In 2017, after a 2-year period during which we had not created a new large-scale show, our next complex creative project, which planned to develop in several stages, the last of which was a Fire Drama – was again supported and co-financed by the “Culture” Program of the Sofia Municipality. We were extremely happy to be able again to create something commensurate with our fire trilogy about Sofia. That’s how SOPHIA LUMINOSA: The Flight of Dreams was born. For us, this project was another creative experiment. In the first place, it was not just about creating a show, but a whole integral multi-component community celebratory event lasting several days. It was interactive and the involvement of the audience was at its core. There was an element of an art installation, a walk-about animation and a workshop, and finally it ended with a performance presenting a legend of Sofia and a related ritual. For the fire part (the show) we wanted to create and use big fire puppets, which we had not used before. We created three fire snakes (each led by three people) and a very spectacular large fire (and fire-breathing) dragon measuring 6 meters long and 3 meters high, also carried and controlled by three people.