The work in a specific field of art, such as FIRE ARTS and more specifically – the FIRE DRAMA, where there is no established formal or informal educational structure preparing the necessary artists, urged us to be creative in finding ways to develop the potential of the people we work with and to train them for the specific tasks they have to do in our FIRE DRAMAs.

There is no such thing as ready-trained artists for fire drama. That is why we must always approach them with a purposeful specialized program for their preparation. We work in two directions: training of fire drama actors and training of fire drama equipment makers (people, capable to produce needed in the concrete fire drama performance fire props, burning puppets and objects, fire costumes and hats, fire décor, fire drawings and inscriptions, fire installations etc.)

In this regard, our starting point is to define the basic features of the ideal fire drama actor as well as the basic characteristics of the ideal masters of fire equipment.

Of course, the ideal gives clarity about the direction – and approaching it can only be done through appropriate training and coaching. In FIRE THEATRE we have worked a lot over the years in this direction and here we will present the results of our achievements.

In FIRE THEATRE the preparation and training are practical and individualized. We offer different training options. In addition to the specific activities for the development of acting skills and mastering body language; performative techniques with fire; performing with fire puppets and masks, production of fire props, fire puppets, masks, fire drawings and fire costumes etc.), there is a very important and special topic that is always present in our training – security & safety.

FIRE THEATRE is the only art institution in Bulgaria, which prepares through complex and purposeful training ARTISTS FOR FIRE DRAMA (actors and masters of fire equipment).We still have a lot to discover and learn, but in the mean time we strive to share our knowledge and skills, to exchange experiences and to work in partnership with our colleagues who might be interested off.